Tuinieren in de zonneschijn

Thank you to everyone who has been enthusiastically working on the perennial borders, during the Monday and Thursday gardening sessions. Here is a summary of the past two sessions and a few photos.

Donderdag 29 juni:
Om te zorgen voor nieuwe groei en bloei hebben we Reuzen kovenbloem, Puntwederik en Rode spoorbloem gekortwiekt.  Het meeste ontkruid dat we gewied hebben was Akkerkol, Bastaard wederik, Kleefkruid en Haagwinde.

Monday 3rd July:
We worked on the South borders of the garden removing weeds such as euphorbia, bindweed, horsetail, couch grass and enchanter’s nightshade from between the perennials. We have been working with hoes, trowels and hands. Butterflies are everywhere this week, especially Comma butterflies on the plants with long clusters of tiny flowers. The huge dragonflies continue to visit.